Apr 24, 2024
Do you have a post-event strategy? While we pour our time, energy, creativity and strategic thinking into maximizing pre-registrations, there's so much untapped value post-event. Here are my top five ideas to include in your post-event plan: Build deeper connections and reward loyalty Send personalized thank you notes to your event stakeholders, share event highlights and keep them informed about future events. Enroll attendees in a loyalty club and acknowledge their importance to the brand. Appreciate them, and you’ll increase advocacy and future commitment. Gather valuable… more
Apr 17, 2024
Events are a critical part of the corporate ecosystem, and especially the marketing ecosystem. However, as valuable as events are for forming long-term business partnerships and ensuring loyal customers are provided with a unique experience, there are considerations to be made around environmental impact.  On average, event attendees produce over four pounds of waste per day. While event professionals have taken the right steps to reduce their environmental impact, there’s still progress to be made. While some factors, such as carbon emissions from travel, are difficult to control, there… more
Apr 11, 2024
As we all navigate the shifting scientific studies, expectations and regulations around business and sustainability, environmentally-focused events stand out as lighthouses of innovation and green practices.  What are environmentally-focused events? These are trade shows, exhibitions and conferences that aren’t just events. They’re opportunities. They’re your chance to dive into the world of sustainable events to learn, connect and come away inspired. Let’s walk through the highlights of these events and discover how you can bring their insights into your work. 1. Discover Renewable Energy… more
Apr 03, 2024
Events have the power to shape opinions and behaviors, and by aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), the sector can play a significant role in promoting global sustainability and societal well-being, both within itself and among the industries it serves.     By prioritizing the UN SDGs, events can raise awareness, facilitate dialogue and drive action towards achieving these important goals. Events provide a unique opportunity to engage diverse audiences and inspire positive change, whether it’s promoting responsible consumption, gender equality or climate… more
Mar 27, 2024
Last June, nearly 100 business events industry leaders and advocates went to Capitol Hill to ask their members of Congress to do three important things: Encourage the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to finish its proposed anti-scammer rule Advance legislation to help our industry train the next generation workforce Introduce legislation to help bring down visa wait times. So, what has happened since then? In February, the FTC finalized its Government and Business Impersonation Rule, which takes effect on April 1 and will go after scammers who impersonate businesses in our industry.  In… more
Mar 20, 2024
Are you running events with a small team? Many event marketers and event managers I've talked with are in a similar situation. They rely on coworkers in other departments with limited event knowledge to help on event day. Sound familiar? If you're nodding right now, here are five recommendations on how to execute on-site with a small staff. 1. Leverage Technology Automate tasks — from attendee registration to feedback collection — with an event management platform. A link to my platform recommendations is available here. Skip manual check-in or pre-print/name badge stuffing. Go with on-… more
Mar 13, 2024
As events continue to be a hub of excitement and collaboration for many, it’s important to be aware of the impact they present. Understanding the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced and how much waste is being expelled during an event is just one of the steps in creating a more sustainable path going forward.  Sustainability is more than environmental action, it has four pillars. Environment is one focus area and the other three focus on Human, Social and Economic improvement. While attendees can try their best to be cognizant of these and refrain from wasting what they don’t… more
Mar 06, 2024
Event cancellation insurance is a specialized insurance that provides financial coverage for organizations if they must cancel, postpone, abandon or relocate an event. It is essential for organizations hosting trade shows, conferences, concerts, festivals, celebrations or sporting events to maintain event cancellation insurance to improve their chances of recovering their losses if they cannot hold an event. Obtaining full insurance coverage is often impossible under the “inability” definitions in these policies, which mean either a “physical inability” (the facility is no longer operational… more
Feb 28, 2024
For years, the business events industry has been calling on policymakers to take action against the scammers who prey on our industry. On Feb. 15, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) answered those calls with its new Government and Business Impersonation Rule, which will target scammers who impersonate businesses and government entities. The FTC takes action This new rule directly targets the hotel reservation scams and attendee list sale scams that have targeted conference and trade show exhibitors and attendees for ages. How? The Government and Business Impersonation Rule will allow the… more
Feb 21, 2024
The year 2024 comes with some good news: Almost half of association, corporate and third-party meeting professionals surveyed by Encore in December 2023 expect their 2024 budgets to increase, while 44% expect to remain flat and just 12% expect a decrease.   Corporate and third-party planners report they are less likely than association planners to cut their AV spending over other budget items, but overall, the group ranks props, entertainment and offsite events as investments that are most difficult to justify for their stakeholders, according to the Winter 2023 Encore Planner Pulse Survey… more
Partner Voices
Just when it seems like Las Vegas can’t get any bigger, brighter or more exciting for groups, MGM Resorts raises the bar again. The company continues to invest and innovate across its portfolio of Las Vegas resorts, with new attractions and upgraded experiences for attendees of all interests.  Remodeled Guest Rooms MGM Grand is the largest single hotel in the world with over 5,000 guest rooms and an 850,000-square-foot conference center. It is home to the newly remodeled MGM Grand Studio Tower—700 reimagined guest rooms with a fun mid-century vibe. Nearby, the iconic New York-New York Las more