Dec 13, 2021
The world of corporate events was moving along quite nicely until the advent of COVID-19. But ever-versatile, the industry went online and survived virtually. Now, slowly but surely, in-person events are starting to grow again.  However, it appears that Pandora does not go so quietly back into the box. By all accounts, 73% of event planners believe that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, even after COVID-19.  The nature of these events are still finding their best form and certainly have their flaws. But one of the brightest answers so far has been satellite events.  What Is a… more
Dec 07, 2021
A couple of years ago, it was possible to organize and host a team event in a week. Not ideal, probably challenging, but definitely possible. However, these days, if you want to plan and run a team building event that’s worthy of your team’s time, it’s likely impossible with the current supply chain disruptions. You’ve no doubt seen the news headlines and most likely been impacted by the chaos of shortages of everything from raw materials to computer chips that are nearing historic levels. Global supply chains have been upended, consumers face delays, and price increases most likely will… more
Nov 22, 2021
Thought leadership is a big part of many organizations’ communications strategies. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study found that 48% of survey respondents spent at least an hour a week consuming thought leadership content.  Running a thought leadership event is an innovative way for companies to lead the discussion topics of their industries. However, despite live events now being firmly back on the agenda, many people are still hesitant or unable to get back to in-person gatherings.  Hybrid events, which incorporate both in-person and virtual elements, provide an… more
Nov 16, 2021
There is no one route to success when it comes to starting and building your career in event planning. It may feel like you’re always faced with the same question: “What event planner experience do you have?” Aside from gaining a certification, there are numerous other factors to consider before hitting “apply” on that application.  We have put together some smart steps to get you on the road to your dream career as a successful event organizer.  Keep Up to Date With Industry Trends This is key. Always do your research. In interviews, you’ll often be asked about current trends, and, at… more
Nov 08, 2021
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry was forced to quickly pivot to an alternative format incorporating video and networking software, and virtual events soon became the norm to keep the industry moving safely.   Now that venues have reopened, and a pathway to normality is forming, hybrid will continue to play a crucial role in allowing organizers to combine the best features of virtual, such as global accessibility, with the elements that make live events so popular, like networking.  Try using this toolkit to help you navigate and make the most of this new era of the… more
Nov 03, 2021
Virtual and hybrid events have matured and evolved a great deal over the last couple of years, and they will keep connecting us long after the pandemic is over. Even as businesses move into pandemic recovery, events and conferences—a more than trillion-dollar industry—will largely remain virtual or hybrid for some time. Professional event planners will need to find virtual event solutions that provide a great attendee experience and are highly customizable. Additionally, in-person event attendees will expect more from conference apps than just being a prompt for the room where their next… more
Oct 26, 2021
There’s a certain energy on a trade show floor that is wildly thrilling. To call it sensory overload would be an understatement. There are the perfectly positioned booths, of various scales and designs, the bright overpowering lights, the smell of the fresh carpet, the sounds of bustling vendors frantically talking to as many people as they can, the amplification of the demos happening all over with people on microphones and, of course, the squishes and squeaks of the tchotchkes collected at every turn. Then there is that underlying feeling of pressure in the air that you can sense from each… more
Oct 22, 2021
Live event production is still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Event professionals have had to explore other kinds of touchpoints since 2020. One such option has been drive-in events, providing a unique, convenient and memorable way to engage attendees from the safety and comfort of their own car.   Creating a safe and successful drive-in event during a pandemic is not the easiest thing to do. These three strategies can ensure your drive-in event is a smooth ride. 1. Plan around local guidelines and regulations.  Be aware of local COVID-19 policies and plan accordingly. The… more
Oct 11, 2021
There’s an interesting debate raging at the moment. It’s focused on whether hybrid events are here to stay or if the world will merely return to business as usual and resume in-person events. It’s an important conversation as the “return to normal” continues running up against new COVID variants, but the decision doesn’t need to be a binary one. Even as in-person events make a comeback, companies can and should include a virtual component in their events. It’s a relatively easy—and cost-effective—way to “upsize” smaller events into larger ones that reach more people. There is a sense in… more
Oct 06, 2021
Today’s marketing teams are focused on engaging with the thousands of prospects and customers in their contact databases to generate awareness. Once you have that prospect engaged, the next step for any customer in their journey is education.   Customers need to evaluate the companies they want to work with. That process includes attending trade shows, corporate events, webinars, one-to-one meetings, sales meetings, expert meetings and executive meetings. But sessions are where prospects learn more about a product and specific use-cases. Sessions: Uses and Types Sessions can educate… more