Stay Ahead of the Design Curve at Your Next Event

January 25, 2023

Stephanie Byrd

Stephanie Byrd is the Associate Marketing Manager with CORT Events, the leading furniture rental supplier for events, meetings and trade shows in the contiguous U.S. With a depth of former hotelier and upscale brand experience, she enjoys collaborating with industry partners, clients and associations to be as intentional as possible throughout the process of ideating, designing and then executing impactful and memorable events.

Design experts predicted that curved furniture would be a popular trend throughout 2022 and beyond. The streamlined version of this unique style, which first came to prominence in the 1940s, is eye-catching and can be both professional and fun.

Curved furniture helps create a sense of relaxation and safety because the soft edges contrast with the hard, geometric corners of most rooms and spaces. There’s also a “wow” factor with curved design. By incorporating curved furniture, you can create an entirely different experience for event attendees with an aesthetic that strays from the straight lines that dominated the 20th century. For this article, we’re going to show you how easy it is to incorporate this latest design trend into your next event.

Combine Various Curves With Different Textures

To complement the soft edges of curved furniture pieces, rely on textures. Soft textures add a feeling of safety and reassurance, and the tactility of different textures engages the sense of touch as well as sight. Mixing and matching textures helps create contrast and adds variety to a space. 

With a large curved low back sofa featuring sleek white vinyl, try pairing it with teal, velvet pieces and a high back chair or rounded ottoman with a metal base and velvet seat. These pieces include curved lines in their design, but their soft textures contrast with the sofa. 

Accent With Natural Elements

Curved and rounded furniture tie in well with natural elements because curves are prevalent throughout nature, which means that timeless natural elements go hand-in-hand with trendy curved furniture and decor.

It’s easy to bring natural elements into your curved furniture-influenced design with larger pieces and smaller elements. Wood accents and greenery complement free-flowing curves in striking ways in your event space.

Consider round tables with wooden tops that work well with other curved pieces. Accent with natural elements by incorporating greenery that has soft edges, which complement curved furniture beautifully  while creating a biophilic design.

Pair With Bold Colors and Accessorize With Curves

Nothing makes a statement like color, and bold colors go hand-in-hand with curved furniture to elicit excitement and conversation. You can also mix in neutrals to create a balanced and cohesive space such as pairing a yellow chair for a bold pop of color along with a neutral, white sofa. Add in an ottoman in rich emerald tones for more dimension. 

Curves aren’t just for your larger furniture pieces, either. You can also incorporate appealing curves into your smaller pieces and accessories as well to create extra uniqueness in your event space. Complement your sizable furniture with a curved accent chair to round out your seating configuration.

When considering accessories, the possibilities are practically endless. Soft-edged ottomans can give your guests extra seating options, and you can opt for more subtle curved accessories like lamps with a rounded shade and base, an arched mirror and for added practicality, incorporate rounded side tables.

Get Ahead of the Curve

We’ve seen how curved furniture brings relaxation, safety and softness to a space—and adds bold, modern style. Texture, bold color contrasts and natural elements help complement both large and small curved pieces and contribute to a truly memorable and enjoyable event space.

Creating this look at your next event is easier than you think. Consider teaming up with a professional design partner who can help bring your vision to life with products and services such as furniture rental options, professional support in planning and coordinating corporate events, and an array of creative ideas that meet your specific needs.

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