The Vendry Debuts Revamped Venue and Vendor Search Engine for Event Planners

October 16, 2023

The Vendry, an online event venues and vendor search platform for corporate event planners, has made searching for venues and vendors even faster, easier and more efficient with the launch of a new search engine that enables planners to discover venues and vendors in one centralized place.

Powered by The Vendry’s database, the new search experience brings more than 1 million data points on global venues and vendors together with live insights from The Vendry’s community of corporate event professionals to display the most relevant and comprehensive set of results, according to The Vendry officials.

Daphne Hoppenot, CEO, The Vendry

“We wanted to reimagine a search experience that could bring every high-quality source of information together into a single, comprehensive set of results that’s easy for planners to digest,” said The Vendry CEO Daphne Hoppenot. 

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She continued, “Up until now, searching for venues and vendors has been a mess. For example, when a planner needs a venue, they’ll search on Google, sift through websites hunting for capacity charts, dig through press articles to see if the location is trendy and on-brand, and message teammates and industry peers in hope of getting a recommendation.” 

Now, when a planner searches on The Vendry, they can easily deep dive into the relevant options from a variety of perspectives, including: 

  • Business Directory to browse information on more than 130,000 spaces and services in 87 cities around the world  
  • Community Discussions to read previous conversations that mention pertinent venues or vendors, with the ability to jump in and ask follow up questions  
  • Team Knowledgebase to access private lists, notes and files shared by others in their organization 
  • News to read recent, applicable press from more than 500 publishers, powered by The Vendry’s IndustryIQ technology 
  • Lists to browse curated collections of businesses created by top publications and industry members
  • Galleries to see more than 92,000 photos of real events those businesses helped bring to life  

The Vendry search engine

According to company officials, The Vendry engineered its refreshed platform to quickly aggregate information about event businesses from the highest-quality sources across the web. These data points allow an event professional to not only see which hotels match their requirements for neighborhood and capacity, or which ones were just featured in leading media outlets, for example, but also which venues hosted successful events with photos to prove it. 

Paired with personal venue and vendor recommendations and valuable insights from thousands of vetted corporate planners and producers in The Vendry community, this fast-growing community and venue and vendor marketplace platform supports more than 190,000 event planners each month as they plan their events. 

From browsing inspiration to searching for venues and vendors, The Vendry plays an influential role in the planning process for event planners at organizations like Bloomberg, NBC, Salesforce, AmexGBT and hundreds more each month, according to The Vendry officials.

The Vendry’s search engine is available and free to use for any vetted corporate event planner. To learn more about gaining access, go here.


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