The Future Workplace: Luxurious, High-Tech and Touchless

June 3, 2021
The Future Workplace: Luxurious, High-Tech and Touchless

The high number of vaccinations are not only making it possible for corporations to start gathering again, but also opening the door for employees to return to their offices. Just as events won’t be the same again, neither will be work.

While there has been a slow trickle of returning to the office thus far, more staff are likely to be back in-person at least a few days per week by Labor Day. The shift from telework could be jarring for some, but it will offer a glimpse into what is going to be the distant future.

Imagine using your phone to order in-office coffee, book a meeting room and even open doors. You don’t touch anything until reaching your desk. Three-dimensional technology and augmented reality enhance a company’s connectivity globally and locally. Add in cafes, lounges, fitness centers and other amenities that convert wellness from a catchphrase to a reality.

Ease Hospitality is fast-forwarding all of these trends at its initial luxurious workspace, @Ease 1345 in midtown Manhattan. The name is taken from its address on the Avenue of the Americas.

Owned by Fisher Brothers Management Company and developed by famed architectural design firm, Rockwell Group, Ease Hospitality looks to blend the natural world by coupling lavish greenery with state-of-the-art technology. The New York space includes a 400-square-foot garden wall and is home to the city’s largest indoor terrarium. Sounds a bit more like a hotel than a workspace, doesn’t it?

“A true amenity for us is a lifestyle solution, blending the comforts of the physical and convenience of digital landscapes,” said Crystal Fisher, a founder of Ease Hospitality and managing director of Fisher Brothers. “We sincerely believe that you deserve to be comfortable, productive and to be able to innovate wherever your work takes place, whether it be surrounded in biophilic principles and relaxed high-design onsite or in a tailored virtual world.”

The company takes an event planner’s mindset when creating an everyday work environment. Even the descriptive language sounds like it’s coming from the mouth of a conference manager. There is 5,550 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, two huddle rooms and event capacity that reaches 440 attendees. Packages include unlimited refreshments, continental breakfast, and sandwiches and salads.

You may think you want to work from home until experiencing Ease’s work. It is developing two future locations and has been contracted for its app services at three other spaces.

“Our design and workspace enable an uninterrupted flow between the physical and digital – we understand the way people are living and working now and have evolved with them,” said Mark DePiero, CEO of Ease Hospitality.


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